For high quality club performance, choose DDJ-RZ. Its genuine features include magnetic crossfader, large jog wheels inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS and more.

Made to ensure the best possible integration with rekordbox dj, this controller mirrors the software's layout for intuitive performances. The 16 large, back-lit rubber Performance Pads immediately bring into play quantized Hot Cues, Slicer and Pad FX. The large jog wheels are optimized for a perfect scratch response.

They have illuminated cue point markers and an accurate countdown for even better scratch and reverse precision.

The DDJ-RZ has four preset Sound Colour FX buttons - Space, Jet, Pitch and Filter - that can be customized in the future with forthcoming rekordbox dj Plus Packs. Pad FX allows you to set up numerous FX chains using all 16 pads. Meanwhile, the Sequencer mode lets you record, play and loop sample sequences on the run. Bring into play up to three of rekordbox dj's quantized Beat FX and twist the dial to manage the parameters of each. You can also release complex FX patterns with a vinyl brake, echo or back spin.

The oscillator sampler featured on the DDJ-RZ lets you overlay four pre-set sounds - Noise, Sine, Siren and Horn - and modulate the output using the dial. It will also allow you to bring into play and manage your own samples from the banks in rekordbox dj.

  • 4-channel professional rekordbox dj controller with performance pads
  • Native Control of rekordbox dj
  • Jogwheels from CDJ-2000NXS
  • Works as stand-alone mixer
  • Four preset Sound Colour FX buttons - Noise, Crush, Pitch and Filter
  • Oscillator sampler
  • Pad FX